Members Must Stand Strong on Safety

23 February 2016

Following a further incident at the Centre last Friday evening, PSA members have commenced authorised industrial action.

On Saturday 20 February 2016 members endorsed the following notice:

To maintain the Risk Management Plan for the residents involved in the attempted escape from Goldsborough (19/02/2016) as drafted by the early shift on 20/02/2016 until further discussions have taken place on Monday 22/02/2016 between the PSA and members then follow up meeting between PSA Reps and management.

If workers' concerns are not addressed prior to meeting Monday 22/02/16 residents involved in the attempted escape will be secured in their rooms as seen fit by members.

After serious incidents last year and industrial action in September 2015, PSA members lifted bans as an act of good faith to allow for DCSI to progress commitments. This included a commitment to a heightened review process regarding resident initiated incidents, and also the agreement to review any behavioural strategy/approach on request. Such commitments have not been honoured.

The PSA will be meeting with members immediately, with discussions to occur with local management this afternoon.

For enquiries, please contact the PSA.