Members Monitor Progress on Safety Commitments

26 February 2016

The PSA and AYTC worksite representatives met with management on Monday 22 February for lengthy discussions regarding a range of ongoing concerns about maintaining safe environments for staff and residents. AYTC has been put on notice regarding the management of safety issues. The view of PSA members is that many practices need to be tightened up and properly addressed.

The PSA action authorised until Monday 22 February was agreed to be lifted on condition that management met with the PSA on these concerns. The PSA will be meeting with members to discuss the progress made through that meeting.

PSA members will stand strong on ensuring a safe workplace. If you have serious concerns on safety of the environment due to staffing numbers, behavioural strategies, ratios, unit movements, response to incidents or other matters, then ensure your PSA worksite representative is advised – as we need all members' support in standing up for safety.

The PSA has written to the Chief Executive confirming progress on the matters of concern. A copy of the letter can be found here.

For enquiries please contact the PSA.