Members Demand that Remuneration Matches Responsibilities - Residential Care

01 June 2016

The PSA is actively pursuing additional duties payments and reclassifications to ensure members are paid the appropriate rate for the work they perform.


Additional Duties Payments


The Public Service Association (PSA) has continued to put pressure on the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) in industrial forums regarding OPS2 employees not being paid additional duties when performing OPS3 roles, as required by the Public Sector Act and enterprise agreement. There is no debate that OPS3 is the appropriate level to care for the children. If an individual is an OPS2 but works in a higher role the additional duties require additional remuneration. The PSA is aware this may also affect OPS3 members undertaking additional duties in OPS4 roles.


DECD had previously agreed with the PSA that Supervisors and Senior Youth Workers would all receive an email from the Director to ensure that confusion about rates of pay for additional duties was not ongoing. To date this has not occurred. If you believe you are entitled to additional duties payments for any shifts, please make your claim with your senior staff (by email). Any members without a reasonable response or disputed claim will be supported by the PSA.


Tregenza Staff – PSA Members OPS2 to OPS3 Reclassification


Employees working in isolation to care for children at Tregenza have also expressed a great concern that they have undertaken additional duties with no reward. The PSA will only be assisting members to action a claim for their higher classification. Staff need to ensure they are current PSA members. Members who want to be involved must ensure their details are listed with their Worksite Representatives and Industrial Officer. Claims, and, when successful, potential back payments from the date of the PSA claim will only apply to union members.


Please contact your PSA Worksite Representatives or Industrial Officer Jason Newell to provide feedback or assistance in being part of the Tregenza group or seeking your entitled higher duties.