Members Agree to Lift Industrial Action

10 June 2016

After receiving a formal offer from DCSI on 9 June, the PSA met with members on Friday 10 June to consider the without prejudice offer. At the member meeting the following motion was endorsed:


  1. That this meeting of members notes the without prejudice offer from the Chief Executive of the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion, dated 9 June 2016, in response to members' concerns relating to the safety of members and children at the Adelaide Youth Training Centre



  1. Members welcomes the commitment of additional resources and supports the opportunity to consult with the Department on a proposed staffing model that will include additional resources. Members also support such a proposal including the outstanding matter of crib breaks at Adelaide Youth Training Centre.



  1. The commitment to convert part time/temporary to ongoing full time OPS-2 and OPS-3 employees is welcomed. Through the PSA, members seek an update on the progress of these conversions by next Thursday 16 June 2016.



  1. In relation to the review of MAYBO restraint techniques, members are concerned regarding the lack of support from Management in the event that this technique is required to be utilised, including the provision of adequate staffing during such instances. Subsequently, whilst it is accepted that a review of this entire process is required, it ought to occur in the context of auscultation as it relates to dot point 2 (ie staffing modelling).



  1. In consideration of the commitments provided by the Agency in its without prejudice correspondence of 9 June 2016, members have determined, in good faith, to lift all industrial bans, effective immediately. Notwithstanding, should it be recognised that the commitments provided by the Agency are not being honoured, members reserve the right to reconsider such a position.


PSA members remain united in ensuring a safe environment for all staff and residents. An immediate series of meetings with PSA and worksite representatives will follow and the PSA will be seeking to ensure DCSI abide by their commitments and provide tangible results on staffing, workloads and safe practices.