Member Safety Update - Safety Working Group Meeting Held - More to follow

12 August 2016

The first meeting of the newly established Adelaide Youth Training Centre (AYTC) Safety Working group has now been held. The working group is comprised of the three nominated PSA Worksite Representatives (WSRs), PSA Industrial Officer and AYTC Management at Goldsborough Campus.

The following were the main topics of discussion:

  • Consideration of separate accommodation units to manage aggressive behaviours.
  • Increased caution being taken in removing controls, both post incident and following closure of Risk Management Plans.
  • Personal Protective Equipment PPE – progressing with training packages being developed.
  • Additional staff member (OPS4 BSO) in Saltbush to support current individual residents when school resumes
  • An additional OPS7 (BSO manager) has been rostered for senior support outside core hours.
  • Staff to have regular and increased support when exposed to incidents.
  • Refresher training on incident report writing and updating case files

Meetings will continue to ensure progress on these key items is progressed in a timely manner. Any members with views on how AYTC can improve safety and security should contact your WSR's.