Meeting with Sheriff's Office For Travelling Time

10 March 2016

A meeting took place between the PSA and the Sheriff's Office on Monday 7 March 2016 to discuss PSA Members concerns at the proposed change of current Travel Time arrangements. when completing a regional court circuit.

All members should continue their current duties until discussions between the PSA and the Sheriffs Office have concluded.

Presently if staff complete a trip they are paid for the travelling time from their residence to their destination - either the court or the motel room - and the same on return. This has been the custom and practice for a number of years. The Sheriff's office now state this practise has been over and above the relevant clause in the SA Public Sector Salaried Employees Interim Award.

The award clause 8.1 applies to travel outside an employees normal hours of duties. All travel within the normal hours of duty are in paid time.

What the award states is that if an employee travels from their home to another worksite/office for the day then apart from the hour before their normal starting time and the hour after their normal finishing time they are paid for time spent in such travel. This award clause is based on the assumption that on average an employee spends one hour in travelling to work and one hour in travelling home after work. The clause was developed so that an employee would not be advantaged nor disadvantaged by being required to travel from home to another worksite.

The Sheriff's Office now wants to change this custom and practice to one where on the return journey employees are only paid travelling time to when they arrive back at the airport and NOT to their place of residence. For affected members this amounts to a loss of income.

The PSA will continue to consult with members and represent all concerns and issues about this matter to CAA management.

If you would like to comment on this issue please contact the PSA.