Let's Celebrate our Win for members in Medical Records - Join us for Lunch

20 February 2017

The PSA has been supporting ASO1 members working within Medical Records to have their positions appropriately reclassified to the ASO2 level. This process has been ongoing for some time and has required tenacity by the PSA and patience by Members.

The PSA is now pleased to announce that these efforts have paid off. Women's and Children's Health Network (WCHN) have confirmed that twelve roles within the Medical Records Department will be reclassified to the ASO2 classification level, with three ASO1 entry level roles for incumbents inexperienced in Medical Records or for traineeship programs. The PSA has made its expectations clear to WCHN Management that should a casual employee be working for more than twelve months within this department, they should be reclassified as an ASO2 thereafter.

Appropriate adjustments to pay, including arrears payable from 20 December 2016 will be arranged once staff have formally accepted the new role description.

The PSA invites staff within medical records to join in a celebration lunch on Wednesday 1 March from 12:00pm – 2:00pm. PSA Worksite Representatives will also be in attendance to chat with staff.

Please direct any enquiries or feedback to PSA.