Legal Services Commission - Review of the National Partnership Agreement

17 September 2018

The PSA and our national body, the Community and Public Sector Union (State Public Sector Federation) (CPSU (SPSF)) is formulating a submission to the review of the National Partnership Agreement. The Agreement includes the amount and allocation of funding from the Federal Budget towards state-based legal aid services including the Legal Services Commission.

The recent State Budget announcements that have dictated cuts to the LSC will be in the front of members’ minds at the moment and will have a significant impact on services delivered to your clients.

Currently federal funding is a percentage of the overall budget and therefore would reduce if the current allocation is continued. The review of the Partnership Agreement threatens to reduce LSC funding further.

The PSA is campaigning against the State Budget cuts and will continue to do so. These cuts make it even more crucial that federal funding is increased, along with the rules around its use being loosened so your clients receive a reasonable service.

The CPSU (SPSF) submission to the National Partnership Agreement Review will advocate for service to be the paramount concern. Your input is crucial in identifying the current and future needs and the issues already faced by you and your workmates. The PSA encourages LSC staff to respond to the survey (here) to give us your stories and your thoughts on the amount of money allocated to LSC by the Federal Government and the rules governing it, and anything else that can inform a CPSU (SPSF) submission.