Legal Services Commission

26 July 2019
  •  Compulsory lunch time training
  •  The 2019 ASO review – What to do
  •  Minutes of July PSA – LSC Workplace Consultative Committee (WCC)

ASO Review
Members regularly raise with the PSA office the question “am I correctly classified?” The classification of LSC Administration Officers was of particular interest in the lead up to 2017 Enterprise Agreement negotations, given the many and varied roles ASOs do in LSC.

As part of the 2017 Enterprise Agreement, the government and PSA agreed to review all ASO positions in Legal Services Commission to determine if people are actually classified correctly for the complexity of work you do.

Through 2018, the PSA and LSC discussed the means to complete the review. In December and January, LSC Human Resources performed a desktop review of the Job and Person Specifications (J&PS) of each ASO role and compared it to the Commissioner of Public Sector Employment’s Determination 5 Attachment 2 (here). This is the document that details the difference between an ASO2, ASO3 etc. You are encouraged to have a look at the different definitions for the different ASO classifications to understand what it means for you.

The assumption made at the time of the desktop review is that every ASO in LSC is doing exactly what their J&PS says they do. PSA members are not convinced that is the case. You are strongly encouraged to take the following steps to ensure you are being paid as you should be:

  1.  Look at the Work Level Definitions in Determination 5, Attachment 2 (here) released by the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment, particularly your classification and above and below that classification.
  2.  Ask your Worksite Representative (WSR) for your Job and Person Specification (J&PS). Look at it and decide for yourself if that is a fair reflection of your role – if you have any questions, ask your WSR or PSA Organiser Keiran Macfarlane.
  3.  If you are finding step 2 a little difficult or you are unsure, write a list of the types of duties you perform – is the J&PS reflecting all of them and their complexity?
  4.  If you think that your J&PS is a fair reflection of your role then let your WSR or Keiran know.
  5.  If you think it is not a fair reflection then let your WSR or Keiran know and arrange (maybe with your team) a time to meet to discuss what to do.

The PSA will provide training for anyone who wants to seek reclassification on site at LSC. Do the first steps above and work out if that is what you would like to do.

Compulsory Lunch Time Training
Have you been required to do Elder Abuse Training or other training in your lunch break? Your lunch break is unpaid, non-work time. You cannot be asked to do work tasks in that break. If you have, it is work time and therefore you have been denied a break and are entitled to overtime or Time Off in Lieu (TOIL). Let your PSA WSR know if it has happened to you and PSA will pursue payment and/or TOIL on your behalf.