Land Services Group: Where To Now?

17 October 2017

PSA Members should be proud of their efforts throughout the difficult privatisation process at Land Services Office. Although we were unable to stop the privatisation itself, we focussed on ensuring that all staff entitlements were guaranteed and jobs were secured.

No members have been forced to accept a position with Land Services SA. We have fought for and won a number of important guarantees. This resulted in PSA members accepting positions with Land Services SA still having access to all their current entitlements, superannuation schemes and accrued leave entitlements.

The PSA is still actively fighting the Government’s use of Section 47 of the Public Sector Act to second staff to Land Services SA, and the rejection of the Leave Without Pay applications.

The PSA thanks the incredible work of all PSA members, and especially the two PSA Worksite Representatives, who have both looked after PSA members throughout this process. Both have now stepped down from their role as PSA Worksite Representatives.

PSA will be working with members to encourage people to volunteer to be new Workplace Representatives. This is important as we need to monitor the commitments and guarantees that have been given by Land Services SA and the Government and hold them to these. If you are interested in stepping up, please contact PSA.

The PSA will continue to advocate for all members, regardless of whether you are in the retained functions, employed by Land Services SA, seconded or declared ‘unplaced’.

The PSA will be seeking a meeting with Land Services SA management as soon as possible.

In order to monitor the commitments given by the Government, and to ensure you receive all entitlements, members are encouraged to continue sending information and questions to PSA.

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