Land Services Group Update - Government Provides More Information Which Only Creates More Questions

24 August 2017

Yesterday the Government provided information to the PSA including a response to key issues we raised in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) and also a draft contract of employment for staff who may be offered employment with the new service provider. This information was required to be provided by 5:00pm last Friday.

The PSA is examining the information closely including obtaining legal advice Initial analysis shows there are still many issue that have not been addressed and there are serious concerns with the proposed draft contract. In addition, it is surprising to learn that the employer is not Land Services SA but Autumn Operating Company Pty Ltd.

The PSA is due to appear at SAET before Commissioner McMahon again on Friday morning at 9:15am to report back.

The PSA strong advice is DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING or agree to anything that may tie you into any particular option.

It is crucial that you attend to this meeting and encourage your colleagues to attend.

It is an opportunity for us to provide you with clear advice, having consulted with our industrial staff and lawyers, and to consult with you and for you to help determine the next steps we take to ensure you are protected and are provided with all your entitlements under the law.

Join the PSA
It is crucial that you join the PSA if you are not already a member. If the proposed contract is anything to go by, Land Services staff will be severely disadvantaged if they were to sign it at this stage.

We need strong union membership to have the strongest bargaining power with the State Government and the new service provider.

The PSA is committed to fully supporting members at the Land Services Group. Join online here.