Land Services Commercialisation Update - Some Questions Answered

30 June 2017

The PSA and Employee Reference Group met on Wednesday June 28, 2017 with Representatives from the Department of Treasury and Finance and other staff involved in the Commercialisation Project. At this meeting an Employee Information Fact Sheet was released and has been placed on the Commercialisation Intranet page.

The fact sheet provides some answers to questions from staff regarding what happens to staff retained by the State Government, transitioned to the new Service Provider; or declared excess.

The Department has also released the transition framework titled the “Human Resources Principles” (here) to the PSA for consultation. Members are encouraged to discuss this with their work colleagues, and send feedback to PSA by Thursday 6 July 2017, by email here.

The information fact sheet mentions that an “SVO or LTO employee may be directed … to perform work for the Service Provider (while still being employed by the state) during a transitional period”

This would effectively be a secondment arrangement. No confirmation or details on this option will be available until an agreement on this with the service provider has been made.

A special Employee Reference Group Meeting has been called for next week to discuss the Human Resources Principles.

PSA Members are still awaiting the details of the retained functions which will be the first clear indication of what work-groups might be offered to transition across to the new service provider. The documents tabled today has reiterated the PSA’s win in gaining assurances about staff volunteering to go across and the transfer of conditions.

It is the PSA’s expectation that the release of details relating to the retained functions will lead to further questions.