Know Your Rights - Workloads

01 March 2016

Concerns about unreasonable workloads as positions are being lost have been raised by the PSA and eHealth Worksite Representatives as part of the consultative process for the eHealth Systems DHA Stage 2 Restructure.

Further workload concerns are likely to be raised
in future as more electronic systems are being implemented across SA Health eg. EPAS.

here are protections against unreasonable allocations of work in the SA Public Sector Wages Parity Enterprise Agreement Salaried: 2014 at Clauses 13 and 27.

Clause 13 includes the following:

13.4.1 In establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, an agency will not require an employee to have an unreasonable workload in the ordinary discharge of the employee’s duties.

Clause 27 includes specific provisions for dealing with grievances or disputes about unreasonable workloads.

The PSA has developed a Workload Guide for members. If you would like a copy please contact your local Worksite Representative.

In the first instance you and your colleagues should be discussing what is a reasonable amount of work (tickets) to be allocated at any one time. This discussions could include:

  • Identifying specific concerns
  • Collecting the evidence (data), and
  • Identifying what is required to resolve issues (eg additional staff, change of processes, technology needs, etc.)


All time worked must be documented. This is often used by management to measure workloads.

Advise the PSA if workload issues have not been resolved at the local level.