Know Your Rights - SA Pathology

17 February 2016


The PSA strongly encourages members who believe that their substantive classification level does not accurately reflect their job role and duties and should be classified at a higher level to seek a review before the EY Implementation Plan to restructure the workplace is complete. This becomes especially important as any restructure or filling of positions is based on your substantive classification.

How your situation is handled through any quarantining process is detailed in Determination 1 of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment which states that:

a Chief Executive.......may quarantine non-executive roles from the normal requirements for filling vacancies required by the PS Act and the Public Sector Regulations 2010, and the determination of the Commissioner relating to merit-based selection, subject to the following criteria:

  • agencies are to develop principles and procedures relating to organisational restructuring in consultation with employees and relevant employee representative organisations;
  • a quarantining process can only apply to workplaces and employees directly affected by a restructure;
  • a quarantining process can only be used to engage employees in the new structure at their substantive classification/remuneration level; and
  • roles are to be quarantined for a maximum period of 12 months and quarantining ceased once all vacant roles have been filled, or no further employees can be engaged in the new structure at their substantive classification level without seeking application from persons outside the workplace.


Existing employees currently working in an affected workplace, or on leave, or currently on term assignment/engagement elsewhere with a right to return to employment in the areas affected, are to be given priority consideration for engagement per assignment or transfer to a role in the new organisational structure at their substantive classification level.”

Don't wait until it's too late....Make sure your classification is correct.

Members with any queries can contact the PSA.