Keep Stability for Disability – Supported Community Accommodation Update

08 August 2018

The Campaign Kicks Off
The PSA has commenced a campaign to Keep Stability for Disability to put pressure on the State Government to go back to the original plan for Supported Community Accommodation to be managed by a public corporation and not be privatised to the NGO sector.

This is to ensure that the clients with whom PSA members work continue to have the stability and support they need from people they know and trust.

We have produced a flyer (here) and a petition which can be accessed here.

Please download the materials and encourage as many people to sign the petition as possible.

Petitions can be returned by email or handed to your PSA Worksite Representative.

You can also share our recent post on the PSA Facebook page. (Public Service Association of SA Inc)

There have been few developments about this issue over the last weeks. More meetings have been held by the Department for staff in the south but these meetings contained no further information about the Government implementation plans or any further detail of what the Government decision means for staff and clients.