Join the Campaign to Stop the Axing of Financial Counsellors

01 February 2019

Financial Counsellors are essential to Child Protection and we must all fight to prevent the axing of these positions which are core business in DCP.

Case Managers/Social Workers and other staff within DCP will be expected to pick up the extra work no longer performed if Financial Counsellors are axed. This will cause massive workload issues for our members who are already dealing with enormous case loads. Members also fear the axing of Financial Counsellors will result in more family breakdowns and many more young people coming into care.

NGO’s will not provide the service that DCP Financial Counsellors provide to the State’s most vulnerable families and young people. DCP has stated that the NGO’s will not provide a like for like service leaving huge gaps in response times and assistance provided to DCP clients.

The PSA has been campaigning extensively to prevent the axing of this program. With the support of members across DCP and the rest of public sector, we need to continue to campaign by speaking to others and helping to change this terrible decision made by the State Government.

What can you do?
1. Like the PSA Facebook page (here)

Our page has highlighted this campaign and we encourage you to like our page to receive regular updates on our campaign to save Financial Counsellors and also prevent the cutting of essential services provided by Public Servants across our state.

You can view our latest post about the Financial Counsellors here.

2. Sign the online petition here.

3. Talk with colleagues about the impact on the work of all staff of the axing of Financial Counsellors and encourage them to join the PSA.