Investigative Processes by The Department for Correctional Services

23 July 2018

The Public Service Association (PSA) has recently received a response (here) to the formal correspondence sent on behalf of Intensive Compliance Officers (ICO) at Community Corrections Edwardstown regarding investigative processes being undertaken by the Department for Correctional Services (DCS).

In our correspondence (here), the PSA stated that members are deeply concerned that in situations where allegations of misconduct by ICOs are put forward by offenders, DCS does not afford procedural fairness to the employees in question. Members assert that the processes used by DCS are punitive and not supportive of the employees.

The PSA also advised DCS that members are articulating a reticence to undertake checks on offenders who are not electronically tagged in an effort to assist them in protecting themselves should allegations arise. The PSA requested an urgent consultative forum with all ICOs and management to discuss the matter.

DCS did not honour that request. Instead, the DCS correspondence stated that employees are afforded procedural fairness and that matters are appropriately and independently investigated by the Department. The correspondence did not acknowledge the concerns that ICOs members collectively raised, but rather focused on an individual ICO.

Any member who wishes to provide feedback can do so by contacting PSA by email.