Injury Management Transition Workforce Plan

11 April 2017

In response to concerns raised by our Injury Management members and after a number of weeks consulting with the IM project team from the Office for the Public Sector, the PSA has made the following representations and requests:

  1. A supporting workforce model must now be presented to staff for consultation. This should include proposed numbers of RTW Coordinators, and all ongoing roles, by agency and location and must include proposed duties for all roles.
  2. Confirm what current job roles, if any will become unattached from 28 June and 1 July 2017 and a proposed staffing wind-down timeline by role and agency.
  3.  A transition plan specifically for smaller agencies as their claim numbers run down.
  4.  That a distinction between what proportion of roles and duties will be spent working on current Crown claims and those assigned to the Registered Scheme focussing on working with the agent Mobile Case Managers (MCM’s).
  5. In the interest of managing workloads the PSA has raised questions about when is it appropriate for Crown RTW Coordinators to complete a RTW plan and when the MCMs will undertake this work and when may this vary throughout the transition phase.

The IM project team from the Office for the Public Sector and the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment have given an undertaking to present a workforce model to staff and unions for consultation following Easter.

Please forward any comments and feedback to PSA at