Information Release Requests - DCP

08 February 2017

The PSA has been informed by members that the Department for Child Protection incident management division (IMD) has been sending correspondence to members requesting the release of information from the Nyland Royal Commission.

The PSA position on this matter is that members are under no obligation to sign the information release. Any pressure to do so would be considered inappropriate and should be reported to the PSA immediately.

The Nyland Royal Commission provided the community with an opportunity to present honest opinions about the child protection system. In particular, this involved issues with departmental practices. Such submissions may also not be aligned with the code of ethics in some cases, i.e. it is evident that some criticisms of the department were not agreed by the crown and members were not supported by the crown lawyers in this process. Members also may not recall what occurred two years ago, and not be certain of this process.

The PSA has stated that we are prepared to meet with DCP and the IMD representatives about the process, if necessary.