Industrial Relations Forum Update AYTC - September 2018

04 October 2018

PSA Organiser and PSA Worksite Representative attended the latest Industrial Relations Forum (IRF) on 18 September 2018. An information update is provided below:

1. Use of MSS Guards - Much discussion and formal correspondence has been sent between the PSA and DHS regarding the use of MSS Guards when hospital escorts and admissions are required. The finalised agreement will be accessible in the Register of Local Agreements for any member who has not viewed the communications previously. The PSA had requested a copy from management of the contracts that MSS guards are required to operate in alignment with. DHS has refused to provide this information to the PSA. Members should not be required to work alongside MSS Guards. It is only in the case of exceptional necessity that an MSS Guard may be utilised in conjunction with two AYTC staff.

2. Underpayment Claim - The member meeting that was scheduled for 10 September 2018 to further discuss the progress of the underpayment claim was cancelled due to the PSA rally that occurred in relation to recent budget announcements. A further meeting date is to be confirmed shortly.

3. Issuing of Medication – This topic was raised as a matter of concern and was communicated to management in an email prior to the IRF to facilitate further discussion. Concerns raised related to the legality of non medically trained staff being required to administer psychiatric medication that comes under Schedule 8 drugs. Members stated there are times staff have issued the wrong medication to the residents and staff have received little or no training with issuing of drugs. Other questions posed were about the safe containment and storage of psychiatric medications, limitations on the storage of centre secure medications, what is determined as a drug of dependence, what legislation controls the distribution and storage of the medication.

Management has responded by stating staff are authorised to issue medication once it has been appropriately prescribed. This approval is contained within the Controlled Substances Act 1984 and the Youth Justice Administration Regulations 2016. Currently there are three Orders (45, 46 and 53) that provide operational guidance in regards to this matter. It is the intent of management to condense these orders into one new Order that will be consulted on once finalised. Management is awaiting a response from SA Health relating to the storage of drugs of dependence. The PSA will continue to pursue this matter to ensure clarity for members.

4. Position of KRONOS clock and Camera at Jonal Drive – The PSA, on behalf of members, requested the proposed location of the KRONOS clock at Jonal Drive be repositioned to the entrance of the building as it is considered more practical and in alignment with Goldsborough Road. Members are concerned the current proposed location could result in them being registered late for duty due to the security processes that need to be undertaken when presenting for work. The PSA also requested the camera located within the locker area also be removed as members have concerns with possible inappropriate use of CCTV.

The general manager has responded by stating that the positioning of the clock will not be changed. He has given a commitment to look at the location if members raise issues when the reception area is functional.

In regards to the camera position, management stated the area in which the camera is located is not a 'staff locker room' as such. Management stated the camera is in place to ensure security of the centre keys, handcuffs, duress alarms etc. Management is to clarify if the camera does cover the area where these items are stored. The PSA will provide an update once received.

5. OPS4 Training Support Officer Role Description – Concerns were raised regarding the role description for the OPS4 Training Support Officer which did not have required wording to ensure this role would be capable of responding to a crisis situation. Members were keen to ensure the wording "demonstrated physical health, fitness and capability to manage residents in a crisis situation" would be included.

Management confirmed this was an oversight/omission as any appropriately trained staff are required to cover and respond to incidents. The Job and Person Specification will be updated to reflect this. This item will be moved to items for monitoring until the action is complete.

6. Non-Operational Staff in Control Room (new Jonal Reception) – Concerns were raised previously that there was an intent by management to have non-operational staff in the Reception role. The PSA made it clear this would not be acceptable to members. A commitment to establish a working group to discuss the staffing requirements was agreed to by the General Manager. Discussions at the IRF did indicate the intent was to staff the reception area with an operational staff member on a trial basis initially. The PSA will continue to pursue.

7. Payslips – The PSA has been raising for some time the provision of training for members in interpreting their payslips as they are complex to decipher to ensure correct remuneration is being received for work undertaken. This has not yet occurred.

Management has agreed to follow up with Shared Services regarding the possibility of adopting a similar payslip model as occurs within the Department for Correctional Services. A progress update is to be provided at the next IRF.

8. Operational Order 71 – Discussions relating to staff being required to move (either on the same campus or another campus) when directed by the Duty Supervisor or Duty Manager to ensure operational requirements are met were undertaken at the IRF. It was also stated by management that should an employee attend work on overtime duty for a particular position, the employee can be directed to work elsewhere should operational necessity dictate this. Staff have, on occasions, attended the workplace and have refused to take up the overtime shift due to the role being changed. Management has indicated that should this continue to occur the individual may be subject to performance management. This topic needs further discussion. An employee should not be performance managed if they are unable to undertake the duties of the amended position due to fatigue or for health and safety reasons. This will be further discussed at the next WSR meeting and IRF.

9. Psychometric Testing – A response to the PSA correspondence has been received from DHS. No further information was provided. Testing of staff is scheduled to be finalised by October 2019.

10. Night Staffing Arrangements – The PSA has been advised the appropriate arrangements for night staffing has been included in the Register of Local Agreements.

Items left on agenda for monitoring:

1. OPS4 Behavioural Support Officer Operational Model - Working Party has been established to trial for 6 months.

2. Assignment Policy for Staff.

3. Speed Hump in Goldsborough Car Park - commitment by management to rectify this matter within a few months when other scheduled maintenance works are been undertaken.

4. Workplace Culture/Staff Morale - WSR to meet again with Welfare Officer.

5. External Audit.

6. Use of CCTV and Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) - commitment from DHS to full consultation on this matter before the trial of BWCs commences.

7. Review of Classification Structure for Secure Care Workers - further meeting to be convened between PSA, DHS and OCPSE.

8. Inaccurate Recording of Overtime - A 'checking/ recording process' is being developed by management and WSR to facilitate accurate recording of overtime by any staff member who is in the 'auditing' role.

9. Register of Local Agreements - A draft copy of Agreements is to be presented at IRF for consultation.

The next Worksite Representatives meeting is scheduled for Friday 12 October 2018.

The next IRF is scheduled for Tuesday 16 October 2018.

Members who would like to provide feedback can contact PSA.