Industrial Relations Forum Update AYTC - October 2018

06 November 2018

PSA Organiser and PSA Worksite Representatives (WSRs) attended the latest Industrial Relations Forum (IRF) on 19 October 2018. An information update is provided below:

Staffing Arrangements for Control Room/Reception at Jonal Drive
Concerns were raised previously that there was an intent by management to have non-operational staff in the Reception role. The PSA made it clear this would not be acceptable to members. A commitment to establish a working group to discuss the staffing requirements was agreed to by the General Manager. This did not occur. Robust discussions regarding staffing arrangements were subsequently undertaken at the IRF and the PSA and WSRs made it clear that appropriate consultation with affected members would need to occur as staffing is a contentious and important issue. Management circulated a communication to all staff advising of a trial arrangement that would commence as soon as practicable. In response, the PSA arranged a member meeting on 26 October 2018 to get feedback. Further discussions with Management, HR and WSRs and Control Room staff are scheduled for 5 November 2018. In the meantime, the reception/control room area will not be staffed. Members will be kept updated and involved as discussions progress.

Underpayment Claim
The member meeting that was scheduled for 10 September 2018 to further discuss the progress of the underpayment claim was cancelled due to the PSA rally that occurred in relation to recent budget announcements. The meeting was rescheduled to 17 October 2018. PSA Manager, Policy and Strategy and PSA Legal Representative provided an update to members present.

Position of KRONOS clock
The PSA raised concerns regarding the location of the KRONOS clock at Jonal Drive and requested it be relocated to the staff locker area. This issue has now been resolved and a commitment has been received by management to undertake this action in a timely manner.

Security Camera in staff locker area
The PSA has requested that the security camera located within the new staff locker area at Jonal Drive be removed. Members have concerns with possible inappropriate use of closed circuit television. This has been a topic at the IRF previously and consequently WSRs are wanting to avoid any potential problems going forward. Management maintain having the camera will provide them with necessary footage should an incident occur. The PSA has sent out a member communication seeking feedback from the membership. This will be discussed at the next IRF.

The PSA has been raising for some time the provision of training for members in interpreting their payslips as they are complex to decipher to ensure correct remuneration is being received for work undertaken. This has not yet occurred.

Management has followed up with Shared Services regarding the possibility of adopting a similar payslip model as occurs within the Department for Correctional Services. This does not appear to be a possibility due to the system set up of Kronos and the interface into CHRIS21. At members’ request, the PSA has requested training from Shared Services. The PSA is awaiting confirmation. If agreement for this is not received, the PSA reminds members of their right to request individual audits of their payslips.

Introduction of Log Books
WSRs raised that the introduction of Log Books has added to members’ workloads as there has been no training or information relating to their usage. Management committed to following up with supervisors to oversee staff queries. Management confirmed the logs books are intended to reduce workload while ensuring compliance by replacing completion of restricted routines, activity logs and isolation logs.

Staff Assignments
WSRs raised concern from a staff well-being perspective of the quantity of staff reassignments that occurred recently with no prior notice or warning from management being provided. Consequently, the WSRs were inundated with calls from distressed members. It was noted that advance notice to WSRs would be appreciated and would assist with workplace morale. The excessive amount of staff moves has had a significant negative impact on members.

Items left on agenda for monitoring:

  •  OPS4 Behavioural Support Officer Operational Model - Working Party has been established to trial for 6 months.
  •  Speed Hump in Goldsborough Car Park - commitment by management to rectify this matter within a few months when other scheduled maintenance works are been undertaken.
  •  Workplace Culture/Staff Morale - WSR to meet again with Welfare Officer.
  •  External Audit.
  •  Use of CCTV and Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) - commitment from DHS to full consultation on this matter before the trial of BWCs commences.
  •  Review of Classification Structure for Secure Care Workers - further meeting to be convened between PSA, DHS and OCPSE.
  •  Inaccurate Recording of Overtime - A 'checking/ recording process' is being developed by management and WSR to facilitate accurate recording of overtime by any staff member who is in the 'auditing' role.
  •  Register of Local Agreements - A draft copy of Agreements is to be presented at IRF for consultation.
  •  Issuing of Medication – PSA awaiting information pertaining to storage of ‘drugs of dependence’. A consultative process to be undertaken in the development of a new Operational Order relating to staff who are required to issue medication.
  •  OPS5 Training Support Officer Role Description – this will be updated to include the wording "demonstrated physical health, fitness and capability to manage residents in a crisis situation".

The next worksite representatives meeting is scheduled for Friday 16 November 2018 at Jonal drive.

The next irf is scheduled for Tuesday 20 November 2018 at Goldsborough road.