Industrial Relations Commission Hearing - Enfielf CAMHS

27 March 2017

The Public Service Association (PSA) attended a Voluntary Conference in the Industrial Relations Commission of South Australia (IRCSA) on 22 March 2017 in relation to concerns that consultation around the proposed closure of Enfield was not occurring in good faith, and in a genuine manner, as required by your Enterprise Agreement (EA). The PSA was accompanied by Enfield CAMHS PSA Worksite Representative Shoona Howard.

Members' concerns related to the dates given during this current period of consultation for “wind down” of Enfield CAMHS, and included issues regarding timeframes, staffing arrangements, workload implications and care planning.

The outcome of the conciliation was that:

  • CAMHS/Women's and Children's Health Network(WCHN) had advised that the “wind down” dates had been proposed for June as these were in line with expiry dates of contracts. However given the concerns raised by the PSA and the CAMHS Enfield Worksite Representative, CAMHS are to consider their position further and put this to the PSA in writing by 29 March.
  • The PSA will then have one week to consult with members.
  • The parties are to then return to the IRCSA with Commissioner McMahon on 5 April.

The PSA will forward this position to all Enfield CAMHS PSA members and will arrange a members' meeting on-site to discuss it prior to the report-back in the IRCSA.

Obviously the PSA does not know the final outcome as yet. Further negotiation and conciliation may still need to occur but the PSA are pleased that the Commissioner has assisted already in ensuring that further consideration must be given by CAMHS/WCHN. The PSA believes that because of this, when a final outcome is reached, there will be provide stronger clarity for members in terms of service provision and planning for clients.

Thank you to all members who have raised these concerns and for standing together on this issue surrounding your rights under the Enterprise Agreement and the care of your clients.

The PSA will continue to keep members updated.