Industrial Liaison Forum Update - Women's and Children's Health Network

20 February 2017

The PSA and Worksite Representatives recently attended the first Women's and Children's Health Network (WCHN) Industrial Liaison Forum (ILF) for 2017. General updates were provided in relation to the following:

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS):

The proposed new organisational structure for CAMHS has been released recently. Feedback on the structure and model of care can be provided in writing before 14 March 2017 to PSA.

Women's and Babies' Division:

An update was provided by senior management that the review recommendations for administrative staff have been implemented, resulting in contracts for staff who have been employed in excess of 18 months being converted to ongoing status. Management have also advised that while there is currently one vacancy due to a resignation, the intent is to advertise the position as permanent. This is a great outcome for the division and for the individuals concerned, which is in part due to PSA persistence and monitoring.

Child and Family Health Services (CAFHS):

Management advised that the Enhanced Service Delivery Framework is still in the planning phase and that Project Governance, Expert Advisory and Working Groups have yet to be established. Specific ILFs will be established for CAFHS at a later stage.

Youth and Women's Health Services:

The PSA queried about the proposed restructure regarding Women's and Youth Health. The response received was that the Model of Care (reinforcing the McCann Review) would be available shortly. Subsequent to that, the proposed structure will be made available. No specific details were given, but the PSA stressed the need for genuine consultation once this information is released.

Annual (Recreation) Leave Management:

Management advised that it is an area of concern that a large number of employees within WCHN have accrued excess leave balances and that there will a focused approach by the network to manage this issue. While the PSA recognises that management have the right to monitor this, it is important that the process used is implemented in a way that is reasonable and in negotiation with the staff member. Any member who encounters problems with this can contact the PSA for assistance.

Service Recognition Awards:

Following member enquiries the PSA raised the concern of non-issuance of service recognition awards. Members who have been working for WCHN for a considerable length of time have not been in receipt of any awards for a considerable length of time. Management acknowledged that it is an initiative that needs to be reinstated. The difficulties arise in whether or not WCHN adopts an all of SA Health, WCHN, or 'WCH only' approach. This is the detail that still needs to be worked through by Workforce. Management did accept the importance of this and are committed to implementing a scheme that respects and awards employees for their service.

The next ILF is scheduled for 21 March 2017.