Individual “Work Choices” Contracts in SA Housing Authority

10 October 2018

The new SA Housing Authority continues to insist on employees signing individual contracts reminiscent of the worst aspects of the disgraced Work Choices era.

These shameful individual contracts exclude employees from coverage of their enterprise agreement, their Award, and employment conditions contained in the Public Sector Act.

The PSA has been making representations since early August to senior management in the Housing Authority as well as to the highest levels in government.

Our objective is simple. Our objective is that SA Housing Authority employees continue to be covered by the salaried enterprise agreement, the relevant underpinning Award, and all the employment conditions contained in the Public Sector Act.

Despite the PSA’s consistent advocacy and high level representations, the SA Housing Authority remains resolute in its insistence that employees must sign individual Work Choices style common law contracts if they want employment in the SA Housing Authority.

Employees affected at this time include those who have previously been employed on contracts; those who are changing positions; and those who are acting or being promoted to a higher level positions.

The effect of these contracts is devastating. No conditions from the enterprise agreement, Award or Public Sector Act apply to employment covered by these contracts.

A template contract is attached here. It is clear it does not include the most basic conditions of employment.

The PSA has already successfully advocated for one member who was refused paid maternity leave because under SA Housing’s Work Choices style contract she had no entitlement to paid maternity leave.

The PSA will continue to campaign for proper employment arrangements for PSA members.

PSA members are encouraged to sign a petition calling on their employer to fix this mess now.

You can download a copy of the petition here.

On a related matter, members who have been on contract for more than two years with the Housing Authority are reminded to send through copies of all of those contracts to PSA. If you do not have copies you are able to ask for a copy from your personnel file. Having all of the information is critical to being about to investigate the contracts any further.