Increasing Workloads within the Emergency Department at Lyell McEwin Hospital with no Additional Resources - Is it Fair?

15 August 2016

The PSA attended a recent Industrial Liaison Forum on 10 August 2016. At this forum, Executive Management acknowledged that there has been increased activity within the Emergency Department at Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH).


To assist with this demand for services, approval has been given for additional clinical staff to be recruited. When the PSA questioned about extra administrative staff being provided, the answer was a resolute NO!


The PSA does not believe that this is fair or reasonable. The PSA contends that additional administrative staff are also vital to the delivery of quality patient care. This refusal to acknowledge increased workload for PSA members by NALHN Management is simply untenable.


The PSA is seeking feedback and evidence based information from members in relation to the problem of excessive workloads within the Emergency Department. This feedback can be provided to the PSA. Alternatively, members can provide information to their dedicated worksite representative.


The PSA will be arranging times to visit the Emergency Department at LMH to speak with staff to follow up on this issue as a matter of urgency.