How About That Pay Rise!

30 October 2019

The last pay rise from your current enterprise agreement should have appeared in your pay last week. This is the third pay rise negotiated by the PSA under the current agreement, which has a nominal expiry in January 2020. The agreement will continue to operate until a successor agreement is in place.

In addition to 90% of PSA members receiving three pay rises of at least 2% p.a., members achieved an unprecedented number of changes and improvements to the conditions contained in your enterprise agreement in the last round of enterprise bargaining. To remind yourself of everything you achieved, click here.

The current agreement represents massive achievements of members from the last round of enterprise bargaining.

Negotiations between the Government and the PSA for the successor enterprise agreement will be starting soon.

Have a say
As with the last enterprise bargaining period, members’ input will drive our negotiation objectives.

We will be visiting worksites specifically about enterprise bargaining and surveying members. Notification of visits will be out soon and the survey will be distributed in the coming days.

Once member feedback has been collated, our key bargaining issues will be finalised and distributed to members.

Members will be actively kept informed during the enterprise bargaining process.

Strength in numbers – join the union
Our continued strong membership, leadership engagement and member actions are the key elements to protecting and building on what we achieved in the last agreement.

You can help build a strong bargaining position by:

  •  Asking your co-workers to join the PSA (they can join online here).
  •  Encouraging your colleagues to attend PSA meetings at your workplace or agency.
  •  Consider becoming a Worksite Representative and contacting your PSA Organiser.

If you have any questions, issues or information, please email the PSA.