Housing Contract Conversion to Ongoing | Success Continues!

30 April 2019

After more than six months of campaigning and industrial work the PSA has achieved a major step forward in the fight to convert staff from long term contract employment to ongoing status.

Members from across the agency signed petitions which put the pressure on management to commence reviewing members who have been on contracts in excess of two years. PSA Senior Industrial Officer then put forward each member’s case to the employer.

In the first round, 30 members were converted to ongoing. The number of contracts that were under review pressured SA Housing Authority to then review their own processes around contract employment.

Thanks to this pressure from PSA members, the SA Housing Authority have now committed to reviewing all contracts in every work group across the agency – this is a major win!

There are still some matters which remain of concern to the PSA for members who were in the first round. Some members received letters indicating that staff were not eligible to be converted to ongoing. The PSA is continuing to fight these on a case by case basis.

We know there will be things to challenge from the next round of contract reviews. For example, the PSA does not agree with the SA Housing Authority’s requirement for a minimum of three years on contract prior to being converted to ongoing. This does not take into account special situations such as leave without pay and other issues which do not fit this very rigid approach.

The PSA is also very concerned about the proposed timeline for this review. Currently the agency is planning on working through each unit after the restructure processes are complete. The PSA believes that this is fundamentally unfair. Staff should have the concerns about their contracts addressed when they are raised, not at a future time after a restructure where there is a risk of losing their position.

For this process to be successful it is critical that those who are undertaking it are PSA members. If you are not a member we are unable to support you where there is an unreasonable justification for not converting you. If you are not already a member you can join online here: http://cpsu.asn.au/membership/join-now/psa-application-form.

Congratulations to those who have been converted – if you haven’t already, we ask that you send through your conversion advice letter to the PSA via email.

If you have received advice that you have not been found to be ongoing we ask that you send that advice letter to PSA along with all of your contracts if you haven't already sent them through to us.

While there is still work to be done this is a wonderful success and all PSA members involved should be congratulated as this is a first for the SA Housing Authority recognising long term contract staff.