Home Detention Integration to Begin

07 November 2017

The Home Detention Integration Working Party met on Wednesday morning to discuss the steps moving forward as the Integration of Home Detention goes ‘live’ on Monday 13 November 2017.

The PSA and members of the Working Party have agreed that two meetings will need to be held after the start date to review the integration and to address any issues that arise from the start of integration. It is important that members provide ongoing feedback after the live date to ensure that members are not disadvantaged as part of the integration.

As part of the Integration Model, the Department has agreed to establish a new workload tool which will include CCO 3’s and 4’s in both metro and country sites. Until the new model is created, the current workload tool will remain in place as a guide.

A new Working Party will be formed to recommend a new model for the workload tool. The Working Party include staff from a range of roles and classifications and will also have an additional PSA Worksite Representative role. PSA Members and Worksite Representatives are strongly encouraged to nominate to be on the Working Party. Details about how to nominate will be circulated by the Department soon.

A new process was also proposed for Electronic Monitoring File Registration and Assignment which may have some affect to the workload for administration staff. Members are encouraged to speak to their Working Party and PSA Worksite Representatives about the changes and any concerns arising from the changes.

The PSA is yet to formally receive a copy of the Integration Manual. Once the PSA receives a copy of the Integration Manual members will be able to send any concerns or feedback as part of the usual consultation practice. It was noted at the Working Party meeting that the timeline for consultation will result in the Manual not being ready for the integration date, however will only be delayed by a short period and will not affect the integration live date.