Government Services COVID-19 Update

08 April 2020

Last week members from various areas of Government Services contacted the PSA with concerns about advice should there be a full lockdown in South Australia. They were told they would be required to use all their accrued leave and then take leave without pay.

Due to the limited access in the SA Government to VPNs there may be a number of staff who are unable to work from home in this eventuality. Other staff have been advised that the work they are doing will not be considered essential during this time and the advice may apply to them as well.

This is not the position of the PSA. In other instances where sites have needed to shut down due to the nature of their work, staff have been found alternate work or directed home and paid "absent on duty" until other work can be found for them. In this time where there is critical work to be done the PSA does not agree that currently employed staff should be effectively stood down while new staff are hired to fill emerging needs.

After discussing the matter with the PSA, Government Services has reconsidered this position and is awaiting further advice from Department of Treasury and Finance. Any decision that is made regarding this will include PSA consultation to ensure that members' rights are upheld during this difficult time.

The PSA continues to fight for the rights of members and encourages you to speak to a Worksite Representative, contact your organiser via email or call our Member's Rights Hotline on 8205 3227 if you have any concerns with advice being provided during this rapidly changing environment as the guiding industrial instruments may mean that the advice is incorrect.