Government Reconsidering Position on PSA Proposals

26 September 2017

The government has advised they are now reconsidering the PSA’s proposals for a new enterprise agreement. This follows the overwhelming indication of support from members through our recent membership meetings and survey.

Members have confirmed their resolve to maintain pressure on the government.  

The high turnout at our recent PSA membership meetings and survey confirmed that more than 90% of PSA members would vote down a substandard government offer, and a substantial majority said they were willing to participate in a range of activities in support of our proposals.

The PSA’s direct approaches at Ministerial level complemented this strong resolve from PSA members.

The PSA has recently met with the government’s new negotiating representatives and focused discussions on some of our PSA proposals.

Although there now appears to be scope for some movement on a number of our proposals, some major matters - including job security, workload, income protection, and clarity about hours arrangements - remain unresolved. And the government’s formal position is still only a 1.5% per annum wage increase.  

The PSA negotiating team continues to press the PSA proposals hard at the negotiating table, and members will also need to pressure the government to move from their short-sighted “modest changes only” position.

While there have been two EB General Meetings in the last few weeks, the PSA is meeting directly with government on the PSA’s proposals.  

The PSA will continue to keep members fully informed about the progress of your Enterprise Agreement negotiations, and about forthcoming activities.