Government Issues Notice of Intention to Negotiate Enterprise Agreement

28 November 2019

The PSA has now received a Notice of Intention to Negotiate an Enterprise Agreement from the government. The government is in the process of issuing “Notices of Intention to Negotiate an Enterprise Agreement” to all employees covered by the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017 (SAMPSEAS 2017).

The agreement to be negotiated would succeed the current salaried agreement – SAMPSEAS 2017.

This agreement contains many of your employment conditions and protections.

The first meeting to start formal negotiations is proposed for 17 December 2019.

PSA elected officials and senior staff will represent PSA members at this meeting.

Members can continue to have your say about your enterprise agreement by completing the PSA Member EB survey (here) and at meetings in the workplace. Encourage your colleagues to complete the survey and attend the meetings too.

PSA Organisers are continuing to visit worksites specifically about enterprise bargaining. Those who have not yet had meetings in their worksite can expect to receive a meeting notice in the near future, or contact your PSA Organiser or the PSA office to arrange your meeting.

The first formal meeting referred to the official notice is usually about establishing representation; discussion about scheduling future meetings; and the opportunity for parties to present their preliminary positions if they choose to.

The PSA expects substantive negotiations to be underway early next year. The current salaried agreement’s nominal expiry date is 31 January 2020. It will remain in place while negotiations continue.

Your involvement, engagement and contributions as PSA members will determine yours and your colleagues’ working conditions and protections under a successor agreement. Make sure your voice is heard.

Strength in numbers – join the union
Enterprise bargaining is a great opportunity to show that you are the union, and to talk with your colleagues who are yet to join about why it is important to be a union member, and the great things we can achieve together. Our continued strong membership, engagement and member actions are the key elements to protecting and building on what we achieved in the last agreement.

You can help build a strong bargaining position by:

  •  Asking your co-workers to join the PSA.
  •  Encouraging your colleagues to attend PSA meetings at your workplace or agency.
  •  Consider becoming a Worksite Representative and contacting your PSA Organiser.