Governance Transfer Postponed - NALHN to CALHN - Older Persons Mental Health Services (OPMHS) - Eastern and Western Community Teams and Ward SE

29 June 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) received correspondence from NALHN Mental Health (MH) management on 28 June 2016, advising that the proposed governance transfer on 30 June 2016 of OPMHS Eastern and Western Community Teams, and Ward SE (The Queen Elizabeth Hospital) from NALHN to CALHN, will be postponed.


NALHN advises that medical staff requested that the consultation period be extended. PSA members have previously expressed concern at the governance transfer proceeding while issues remain outstanding. The PSA welcomes this postponement to ensure all issues are resolved prior to transfer.


NALHN MH advise that the proposed date for transfer is now 1 August 2016.


The PSA will remain involved in the consultation process and will continue to support members in this matter.