General Medicine Redesign

10 February 2016

The PSA has been attending regular NALHN Transforming Health Industrial Liaison Forums to ensure that adequate consultation is ongoing regarding proposed changes as part of the Transforming Health Initiative. Management has advised that service plans are being worked through currently and that, once available, they will be distributed to the PSA for consultation with their members.

At the last meeting a paper
detailing the new suggested model of care for general medicine patients at Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH) and Modbury Hospital (MH) was provided. This is available for viewing here.

he PSA's position is that any proposals should only serve to positively enhance client care and secure our members' ongoing industrial interests. PSA Industrial Officer Caroline Barnwell will be visiting both LMH and MH on a regular basis should any member wish to provide feedback.

embers are encouraged to continue to forward their questions or concerns to the PSA.