Flinders University Enterprise Bargaining Update No. 4

13 October 2017

The third enterprise bargaining negotiation meeting was held on 10 October 2017.

Redundancy Clause
Among items discussed was improvements to the current redundancy clause (A 35).

Among other proposed improvements, the CPSU suggested improvements to:

    A 35.9 (Transfer to lower position). The current clause allows for maintenance of current salary for 12 months if an employee is redeployed to a lower level. The CPSU proposed that after the 12 months the salary is "pegged” i.e. that it stays at the same monetary amount, and the employee receives no salary increases until that salary would equate to the salary of the top increment at the new classification.
    A 35.21 Currently a restriction on an employee who receives a redundancy payment not being able to be re-employed by the University for three years. The CPSU stated that the restrictive clause should be deleted. If a position is available within the three years to a person who is made redundant, then it would be in the best interests of the university and the person to appoint the best and most experienced employee. This clause will be discussed in full at another meeting.

Other Union proposed changes discussed included

  •  Family and Domestic Violence Leave.
  •  Employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff
  •  Fixed Term Employment
  •  Continuing Contingent-Funded Appointments

Next Meeting
Please contact the PSA for meeting details.