Flexitime | PSA and Public Trustee Management Meet Over Pre 2018 Accruals

28 November 2019

PSA Worksite Representatives and the Organiser met with Public Trustee management and AGD HR last week to discuss the decision of Public Trustee to only go back to January 2018 when determining the flexitime PSA members have accrued but not been credited for.

The previous PSA information update of earlier this month advised management had accepted the system was remaining your entitlement once you had reached 20 hours of accrued time.

As per that previous update, accrual of and access to Flexitime is detailed in our enterprise agreement, the South Australian Modern Public Service Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017 (SAMPSEAS).


25.2.1 An employee cannot lose, or forfeit, accrued flexitime.

Public Trustee has accepted the above but has taken a different tack to flexitime accrued prior to 2018 based on the 2010 and 2014 enterprise agreements which included the following:

Flexitime with the approval of management to meet workload demands,

a)   Cannot lose that entitlement; ...

Public Trustee Response
Your employer has responded that staff who accrued more than twenty hours of flexitime prior to January 2018 did it without approval, Public Trustee have offered to consider requests from any member if you think you are entitled to the accrued time. The PSA finds it difficult to accept that members willingly worked more hours despite being advised not to or without the knowledge of your team leaders/managers so encourages you to seriously consider your entitlement.

What to do
The PSA position is you can seek credit for hours lost up to 6 years ago. Contact the PSA Members’ Rights Hotline (8205 3227) if your manager disputes the amount you believe you have worked or argues that you worked without approval.