Flexi Time - No Lost Hours

31 January 2017

Your PSA Worksite Representatives have recently highlighted a practice occurring at the Public Trustee, of the removal of accrued flexi hours when over 20 hours.

It is important for members to be aware that paid overtime is the priority for any additional hours, where TOIL can be taken by mutual agreement. Flexi time is the ability to work across flexible hours, and was never designed to replace overtime or cover unsustainable workloads.

The PSA has negotiated workplace conditions which are protected by your Enterprise Agreement. No policy from AGD or the Public Trustee can remove these entitlements.

The PSA has requested a written response as to how this issue will be rectified, and members' rights upheld. The PSA letter to the Public Trustee can be viewed here.

In addition, the PSA has been informed that a number of commitments have began to proceed regarding the current workloads dispute. Further updates will be communicated at the earliest opportunity.

PSA members should continue to report workplace concerns to your PSA Workplace Representatives.