First SSO Members Reclassified Under PSA’s New Approach

10 May 2017

The PSA congratulates our first two members to achieve reclassification using the innovative "diary" approach initiated by the PSA. The members work in the areas of Special Ed Classroom Support and Library.

These are the first reclassifications following the PSA dedicating specific expertise and resources to overhauling the existing classification application process for SSOs; providing member training sessions on apply for reclassification; and providing individual assistance to SSO members.

The PSA expects these to be the first of many successful SSO reclassifications. One of the key issues is the level of supervision under which SSOs work. Many SSOs have been working with limited or no supervision and should have been reclassified before now. There is no excuse or justification for members to be denied reclassification based on school budgets as has often been the case.

Members are either doing the work at the higher level or not.

The PSA urges all SSO members to familiarise themselves with the reclassification criteria and to attend the PSA reclassification information sessions. The PSA stands ready to support members throughout the reclassification process.

Members are encouraged to contact PSA for further information.