Finalised Workplace Flexibility Agreement | Intensive Compliance Officers

18 December 2018

As members are aware, the Public Service Association (PSA) has pursued the facilitation of a crib break arrangement for members employed as Intensive Compliance Officers. The PSA confirms that the crib break has finally been executed with the introduction of a Workplace Flexibility Agreement (WFA). The WFA remains in place during the life of the current South Australia Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017.

The ballot process that took place at the Intensive Compliance Unit had a return rate of 97%. Out of 37 ballot packs distributed, 29 ballot votes were returned of which 28 were in favour of the crib break. Given the almost unanimous YES vote, the PSA is pleased for members that the WFA has been finalised. The PSA will seek to ensure that another WFA is executed for members after the current Enterprise Agreement expires unless feedback to the contrary is provided.

The PSA thanks members for their patience and understanding while the frustrating bureaucratic elements were attended to. The PSA also thanks the Worksite Representatives who have ensured members were kept updated throughout the entire process. The PSA understands that the exeuction of the WFA allows for the new roster to be implemented by the employer in early February 2019.

The successful finalisation of this arrangement would not have been possible had members not initially demonstrated strength and unity as a work group to secure desired outcomes such as 2-up on home visits.

The PSA looks forward to working with all members at ICU in the new year ahead.