ESMI Faults Register - SAMI

14 April 2016

At the Statewide Clinical Support Services Industrial Liaison Forum in January 2016 the PSA requested an ESMI Faults Register be created. The PSA reported to the Forum that the introduction of ESMI at various hospital locations had introduced many errors and flaws in reporting and created excessive workloads and stress in the workplace.


The PSA is concerned that SAMI Executive have not recognised the real and many troubles with the introduction of ESMI that many members have been experiencing and reporting .


The first EMSI faults spread sheet was tabled at the last Statewide Clinical Support Services Industrial Liaison Forum on Friday 1 April 2016. A copy can be found here.


At this forum SAMI executive gave a report that significantly downplayed the magnitude and extent of the errors being experienced, particularly by administration staff with the introduction of ESMI. The PSA was able to demonstrate at the ILF that there were more troubles than had been recorded thanks to members providing specific examples of the ESMI faults. The SAMI Executive were given clear notice that such 'glossing over issues' was dangerous.


The PSA has noted that on Friday 7 April SAMI Director of Operations issued a Communique regarding ESMI and has finally begun a long overdue process of openly communicating with the SAMI workforce and made new attempts at obtaining a true review and reporting of the many faults with the introduction of ESMI.


Members are encouraged to review the attached register, make any contribution to the register of issues not captured here and report all specifics to the PSA.


The PSA will continue to work to ensure our members are treated respectfully and their genuine concerns addressed and will continue to insist that SAMI executive are transparent and frank in their management of SA Medical Imaging for all South Australians.