EPLIS Rollout Issues

06 February 2018

SA Pathology recently announced the dates for future Enterprise Pathology Laboratory Information System (EPLIS) roll-outs. The schedule provides for EPLIS to be implemented in at least a further 50 laboratories before the end of March 2018. Members are reporting issues at the local level that could impact on the feasibility of such a tight schedule.

Examples of issues reported include the time required to enter details at the point of collection being much slower than the old ULTRA system, and various interfaces do not work requiring two NIC identifiers for the one customer.

The PSA is concerned about the impact of pushing ahead if there are unresolved issues, including the inefficiencies created by the Enterprise Patient Administration System (EPAS) which is also incomplete in its roll-out.

The PSA has created an EPAS issues register and participates in a centralised committee that meets regularly to keep the government focussed on addressing these issues. It is evident that a similar process is required with EPLIS.

SA Pathology presented an issues summary spreadsheet today at a meeting with the PSA to show what difficulties the government needs to address before and during the EPLIS roll-out. The detail in the spreadsheet was insufficient to convey the gravity of each of the issues.

PSA members are invited to forward details of any issues that they are experiencing or that they foresee in the EPLIS roll out to PSA via email (here).

Please add further comments in due course about the issues and the attempts to resolve them.

Please also continue to submit information about new issues as they arise.

The PSA will continue to meet with SA Pathology to share information provided by members and to monitor the progress of the roll-out.