Enterprise Bargaining Update No. 4 - Draft Study Leave Policy - Assistants to MPs

03 May 2016

The Enterprise Bargaining Committee (SBC) has developed a draft Study Assistance Policy to assist Assistants in applying for leave.


Study Leave has been a longstanding entitlement.


The current clause in your award was inserted in 1989 and reads:


Clause 13. Study Leave


Employees shall be entitled to have access to a scheme for assistance with recognised studies. Such scheme shall be based on a maximum of five hours in work time per week for such studies plus a maximum of an hour for travel in each direction between work and the place of study. Provided that the time off required for study in work time is no greater than the number of hours required outside of work time for such study.


In addition the employee shall be entitled to reasonable time off for the taking of examinations.”


The current clause in your 2013 Enterprise Agreement reads:


“17. Training and Skills Development


17.1 Study Leave


17.1.1 The parties agree to maintain the Study Leave arrangements for Assistants which were approved in June 1999. These arrangements will remain in place for the life of this Enterprise Agreement.


17.2 Training Working Party


17.2.1 The parties agree to the continuation of a working party (comprising appropriate management and staff representatives) to develop and assess training strategies for Assistants over the life of this Enterprise Agreement.


17.2.2 The working party will examine proposals submitted by employees and working party members with a view to developing outcome focused and cost effective training programs for Assistants.


17.3 Specific training courses which shall be offered to Assistants include Induction, Workplace Health and Safety, Basic First Aid, Cultural Awareness, Conflict Resolution/Mediation, Justice of the Peace, and Security Awareness.”


If members have any comments or queries regarding the attached draft policy or suggestions for changes to the EA Clause, please contact the PSA.