Enterprise Bargaining Update - General Meeting

24 January 2017

The second formal Enterprise Bargaining general meeting was held today.

The PSA was represented by PSA General Secretary Nev Kitchin, Strategic Advisor David Stevens, Senior Industrial Officer Austin White and Project Officer Andre Wise.

The PSA confirmed our intentention to negotiate a new agreement based on General Secretary Nev Kitchin's statement to the first meeting (available here). The PSA confirmed that we do not accept the limitation of a 1.5% wage increase. The PSA further requested confirmation that Government intends on negotiating a single agreement.

Internal work is ongoing within the PSA to review all clauses in the current agreement and create a comprehensive draft Enterprise Agreement based upon the information received from the 400 member meetings and the membership-wide survey undertaken during 2016. The PSA stated at the meeting that once this draft is complete (and has been endorsed by both the PSA Council and the membership) the PSA will be in a position to present it to Government as a new draft Enterprise Agreement.

As PSA Industrial staff continue the essential process of thoroughly reviewing the current agreement and drafting of a proposed new agreement, members are encouraged to keep involved in the process by becoming a PSA EB Ambassador. As negotiations move forward the importance of members being united, informed and engaged through your PSA EB Ambassadors, will rise.

Our strong negotiating position will require strong membership support and engagement.

If you are interested in becoming a PSA EB Ambassador, please sign up here.

For more information on the current enterprise bargaining process please contact your local PSA EB Ambassador or email youragreement@cpsu.asn.au.

Encourage your colleagues who are not
already members of the PSA to join now.