Enterprise Bargaining - Negotiations Continue

05 April 2017

PSA representatives were Strategic Adviser David Stevens, Senior Industrial Officer Austin White and Project Officer Andre Wise.

The meeting provided an opportunity for all representatives – government and employee – to table for discussion any proposals or claims for the new enterprise agreement.

The government did not table any proposals for negotiation.

The government indicated that it intended in the future to propose Terms of Reference for a proposed career structure review, and matters in relation to AHP Work Level Definitions and progression.

The government also flagged that agency specific proposals would be the subject of future negotiations – including in relation to Correctional Officers, interpreters and translators, classifications for Dental Therapists, Oral Health Therapists and Dental Hygienists.  
The PSA advised that the development of our proposals was well advanced and that we expected to be in a position to table the PSA’s proposals in the near future. This will follow information and endorsement processes through our PSA representative structures and processes.

PSA Worksite Representatives and PSA EB Ambassadors will be invited to meet in the near future for an information session about the PSA EB proposals.  

The next enterprise bargaining general meeting has been scheduled for Friday 28 April.

The PSA will continue to keep members fully informed about the progress of your Enterprise Agreement negotiations.