Enterprise Bargaining – The Next Phase

09 August 2017

Enterprise agreement negotiations are now entering a new phase.

This follows the government confirming it does not agree to any of the PSA’s proposals.

Government representatives have not acknowledged any merit in your PSA EB proposals - which include 29 savings, efficiencies and productivity improvements and more than 40 protections for members at no cost to government - and have dismissed them without genuine consideration.

The government’s position is simply to roll over the current agreement with an inequitable 1.5% pay increase.

This is completely unsatisfactory for PSA members who have a legitimate and reasonable expectation that their proposals will be given serious consideration.

The PSA has now written directly to the Minister for the Public Sector, the Premier and the Treasurer who will soon be considering Cabinet’s position in relation to your enterprise agreement.

In our letter to the Ministers the PSA:

  •     Expressed frustration with the unsatisfactory process so far.
  •     Expressed dissatisfaction with government’s apparent disregard for our reasonable proposals.
  •     Proposed a way forward for progressing negotiations to an agreed resolution.

The PSA’s letter together with attachments can be found (here).

The PSA has referred to proposals on which we require agreement (refer Attachment 1) and proposals on which we seek agreement (refer Attachment 2).

The PSA has offered to settle this enterprise agreement with annual pay increases of 2.5% - subject to agreement being reached on those matters on which we require and seek agreement.

Please take the time to read the PSA’s letter.

The PSA will be actively engaging with members about the EB negotiations in the next few weeks.

Achieving a satisfactory outcome for this agreement will require members to actively demonstrate their support for your PSA’s proposals.

Be alert for a PSA members’ meeting in your workplace soon.