“Ensuring Integrity” Bill – It’s Anti-worker and Anti-democratic

08 October 2019

The federal government in July introduced a more extensive and more extreme version of its original 2017 bill in relation to registered organisations (unions).

This bill represents a politically motivated attack on workers’ ability to organise; be represented; to run their own unions; and to determine who leads them.

The regulation of unions proposed in this bill is far more extensive and extreme than that which exists for businesses, banks or politicians – or in other democratic countries.

These proposed laws are so extreme they threaten basic democratic freedoms. Only authoritarian governments interfere with the running of unions and working people’s basic rights to be represented. It is important that people can join unions and elect their representatives to fight for pay rises, job security, and workplace safety.

These proposed laws put the rights of millions of working people at risk.

These proposed laws are being considered in the federal parliament now and impact on all unions registered in the federal jurisdiction. This includes our own CPSU SPSF South Australian Branch in which we have many members in SA.

We are asking all union members who are concerned about this legislation to contact through Facebook those senators who will determine the outcome of the legislation. These include all Liberal Party senators and those from the Jacqui Lambie Network, Centre Alliance and One Nation.

SA Senators Stirling Griff (here) and Rex Patrick (here) could make the difference as to whether these anti-democratic laws which would hurt working people are passed. We encourage all concerned members to contact these Senators and ask them stop this bill.

Stopping these proposed laws is fundamental to protecting our democracy.