Employment Declaration Questions - Renewal SA

05 September 2017

The PSA is aware that Renewal SA staff have been asked to fill in an ‘Employment Declaration Form’ received by an email sent to all Renewal SA staff on Friday 1 September 2017 (last week).

The PSA has received a number of concerns from members that this has happened without discussions with staff or the PSA.

While Employment Declarations are standard as part of applying for a position within the public sector, it is unusual that staff, some who have been working for Renewal SA for many years, are now being asked for information that is personal and many would presume, if relevant would already be available.

The Office for the Public Sector website has the standard declaration form for South Australian Public Sector Employees (here). While many aspects of the forms are similar, some additional questions have been added to the Renewal SA form. No explanation has been given as to why the standard Public Sector form is not sufficient.

Given the email sent to staff indicates that Renewal SA requests these forms to be returned by the end of September, the PSA recommends that members do not complete these declarations until the PSA can establish why these forms have been considered necessary.

The PSA will be questioning Renewal SA why these are necessary for current staff, and why the Public Sector standard form is not considered appropriate.

If you have any questions about these declarations please contact PSA (here).