Employer Supplied Mobile for Business Purposes

05 September 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) is aware that some TAFE SA managers are engaging in discussions and/or e-mailing staff in regards to proposals to remove TAFE SA supplied mobile phones.

The PSA has raised this concern with TAFE SA's Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development who advises that TAFE SA are reviewing the supply of TAFE SA mobile phones in circumstances where they may no longer be required for a business need.

The PSA has advised TAFE SA that members report that some of these communications are in the context of phones still being required for business (e.g. when required to be on-call). TAFE SA again responded that it is optional for staff to relinquish their TAFE supplied phone and use their personal mobile instead.


The PSA reminds members that:

  • No employee can be required to use their personal phone for work purposes; nor should they feel pressured to do so because of any communications that propose to remove TAFE SA supplied phones, or any communications that make members feel that they are not assisting with TAFE SA's budget concerns if they continue to use a TAFE SA mobile phone for work purposes;

  • TAFE SA are under no obligation to provide any reimbursement of any expenses relating to personal mobile phone use for work purposes. There is no requirement for reimbursement or provision of an allowance in any of the applicable industrial instruments which relates to personal mobile phone use.

  • TAFE SA are reminding staff to explore possible tax deductions, however, as everyone's financial circumstances are different deductions cannot be assumed or relied upon.