Education - Proposed Machinery of Government Change | Child and Family Intensive Support System

20 March 2019

The Department for Education (DE) has written to the PSA to inform us of the creation of a Child and Family Intensive Support Unit. The Child and Family Intensive Support Unit is proposed to involve a Machinery of Government Change that will affect 211 FTE within the Department for Education proposed to be transferred to the Department of Human Services as of 1 July 2019. DE has informed the PSA that all staff are proposed to transition and there will not be a reduction in roles or service delivery. Please see DE’s letter to the PSA here.

The following programs and services are proposed to be affected:

  • Child and Family Assessment and Referral Networks (CFARN)
  • Child Wellbeing Program
  • Strong Start Program
  • Family Service Coordinators and Community Development Coordinators within Children’s Centres
  • Parenting and Family Support Program (previously known as Positive Parenting Program)
  • Strategic Projects Unit
  • Contract management and funding of targeted intervention programs delivered by non-government organisations
  • Contract management and funding of the Family by Family program delivered by a non-government organisations

The PSA will be collating a feedback submission on behalf of members in relation to this change. Please send any thoughts or feedback regarding the impacts of these changes by Friday 29 March 2019 to PSA.