Education Enterprise Agreement Government Offer

01 March 2016

Public Service Association (PSA) members would have received a copy of the Government Enterprise Bargaining offer recently. The PSA is pleased that there are a number of improvements to the salaries and conditions of employment for Ancillary staff.

The following are some of the improvements included in the offer:


  • Three x 2.5% salary increases: first full pay periods on or after 1 October 2015, 1 October 2016, and 1 October 2017.


  • Improved workload protections including strengthening of the Workload Monitoring Group which will now be called the Workload Management Group. This will have a stronger focus on SSO workloads and have the ability to make recommendations to the Chief Executive. The inclusion of an improved Work Health and Safety clause and greater clarification of the access non teaching staff have to the grievance process for concerns relating to excessive workloads.


  • Establishment of new work level definitions and position information for SSOs with a review of ECWs and AEWs to follow. Part of this will also include a review of the current reclassification process which is cumbersome and convoluted. This is a significant outcome for the PSA.


  • A Toileting Allowance ($500 pa) for SSOs and ECWs who as part of their role have the primary responsibility for toileting care for a student with a recognised incontinence plan.


  • Increase to on call and recall allowances.


  • A new entitlement to partner leave - up to one calendar week of accrued sick leave on the birth or adoption of a children for whom the employee has direct parental care responsibility.


The PSA will be holding meetings at various schools over the next couple of weeks to discuss the offer PSA members are encouraged to attend. Meeting notices will be distributed.

For further information please contact the PSA.