EB Negotiations – Now we are Getting Somewhere

02 November 2017

PSA members’ proposals for a new enterprise agreement continue to be the subject of serious consideration in EB negotiations.

PSA members’ demonstrated willingness to engage in industrial activities has clearly encouraged the government to focus on PSA membership proposals and work more intently towards reaching agreement with the PSA.

The PSA leadership is now hopeful we can achieve protections you told us you wanted in your new enterprise agreement.

Intense negotiations are now continuing on specific wording for a number of conditions matters.

While progress continues to be made in negotiations, the PSA leadership has determined – after serious consideration - to continue to defer the industrial action planned for the remainder of this week and next week.

The current intense negotiations have not yet focused on the wage increase. The PSA has consistently maintained our members do not accept the government’s limitation of a 1.5% pay rise. We will continue to pursue a fair and equitable pay increase.

The PSA will reconsider the deferral of industrial action in light of how much progress continues to be made. Members will be kept informed.